Astronomy and Sky Website of Martin Lewis

Useful Sites

Cal Sky   The website for ISS and other sky predictions predictions

Astronomiser   For DMK mods and other imaging mods and parts

DMK Forum Yahoo   Discussion group on Imaging Source cameras

PIPP   Chris Garry’s very useful Planetary Imaging Pre-processing Program- the Swiss Army Knife of the astronomical digital video imaging world!

ClarkVision   Roger Clarks excellent site with lots of useful practical theory on the eye, observing and imaging

Astronomy-Friends’ Websites

Dale Holt   Avid observer, sketcher of the heavens and communicator

Faith Jordan   Very keen sketcher of deep sky objects and astro blogger

David Arditti   Prolific astro-imager also from West of London AS

Max Alexander   Fellow WOLAS member and professional photographer

Robin Scagell   Chairman of WOLAS, astro journalist and writer

Skymania   Paul Sutherland’s Astronomy and Space News and Blog

Damian Peach   Probably the finest planetary imager in the world- amazing images

Alan Friedman   Beautiful website with beautiful images

Szabolcs Nagy Amazing images of the ISS and othe spacecraft

Astronomical Societies

WOLAS   West of London Astronomical Society

SPA   Society Of Popular Astronomy

BAA   British Astronomical Society

Webb Deep Sky Society

Other Interesting Sites

Cloud Appreciation Society   For lovers of the sky and clouds

Unisys   What’s happening with the jetstream and the upper atmosphere

Tatjana van Vark   Female Dutch engineering genius

UK Astro Buy and Sell   Lots of Astro things to buy and a great place to sell stuff

AstroClassified New Astro buy and sell listing with a useful category-based format