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Figure A. Configuration of ISS at the time of STS-133 mission. I identify all the various spacecraft attached to the ISS at the time my image was taken.
Figure B. Proposed ISS Configuration for Feb2011. A useful diagram for labels of items but a bit inaccurate

YouTube except from Nasa EVA2 video (Pt3) showing clear movement of Steve Bowen’s arm whilst he was by Columbus Lab at close to the time I took my image.  See the arm movement a few seconds into the clip from Steve sited at upper right-hand edge of frame.  This clip gives useful evidence in identifying his position and shape at the time I took my image.  (This clip is approx 28m 40sec into Pt3 of the full EVA2 video and is timed as 18h48m28sec UT and 3hr and 6mins into the EVA).

Figure C. Frame from STS-133 EVA2 video giving a good view of the upper (zenith) bracket on Columbus Lab with SOLAR external payload attached to its top